Research Projects (Thesis Title)



Thesis Title

105 Ming Hong Zhong

Real-time Impedimetric Monitoring of Cell Proliferation in a Co-culture System

104 Shih Yuan Shen

Development and Assessment of a Sleep Activity Behavior Monitoring Platform Integrated with Biofeedback Smart Pillow for Home Environment

Han Sheng Chiu

Assessment of Single/Dual Frequency Pulsed Ultrasound Stimulation for Chondrocyte Proliferation and Biochemical Expression

Bivas Panigrahi

Development and Evaluation of a new generation portable home use sleep apnea monitoring module and smart phone APP


Zih-Yin Chen

Development and Clinical Evaluation of a Quantitative Dynamic Assessment and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Modalities for Temporomandibular Joint

Chi-Jhan Jhan

Development of exercise intensity and oxygen compensation adaptive control treadmill and clinical evaluation of progressive resistance inspiratory muscle training for OSAS patients


Chia-Chu Liu

Development of a Progressive Positive Airway Resistance Inhalation System for Mechanomyography and Respiratory Muscles and Resipratory Physiological Performance Evaluation


Kok-Soon Soon


Development of Kinematic, Dynamic Evaluation Devices for Temporomandibular Joint and Electrical Stimulation Training System for Swallowing Rehabilitation

Bin-Fang Kuo

Development and Clinical Application of Smart cloth System for Real-time Monitoring Coronary Artery Abnormality

Kun-Fei Lee

Development of a Flexible Capacitance Tri-axial Force Sensor for Normal and Shear Stress Measurement

Wei-Chieh Lu

Surface Modification of Scaffold and Dynamic Culture for Cartilage Proliferation Experiments

Chung-Wei Tsou

Development and Application of a Waist Angle Biofeedback Prosthesis with Stiffness Adaptive Control and Muscle Strength Stimulation

Hsiang-Yu Weng

Development and Assessment of an Exoskeleton Magnetorheological Damper Controlled Lower Limb Ambulatory Rehabilitation System

Hua-Yang Zhang

Development of am oxygen compensation and exercise intensity controlled ambulatory training system

Cai-Yao Yen

Development and Verification of Foot Pressure and Joint Angle Feedback Bionic Ankle Prosthesis


Chi-Shih Yang


System Development and Clinical Verification for Computer Aided Symptom Diagnosis of Breast Cancer by Medical Infrared Thermal Image Processing

Shuo-Suei Hung


Kinematic Analysis of Deformed Elbow Joint and Development of Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgical Positioning Systems

Hsiu-Chen Wang

Surface modification of polycaprolactone-tricalcium phosphate bioscaffold and design of functional osteogenesis stimulated scaffold carrier

His-Jung Chen

In vitro verification of polycaprolactone scaffold coated with Type II collagen and manufacture of functional scaffold carrier with pressure sensing element



Chun-Tang Yang

Development and Clinical Applications of Knee Joint Load Redistribution and Motor Control Enhancement Lower Limb Orthosis with Exoskeleton and Power Assisted System

Chao-Jun Zheng

Development and Verification of Rehabilitation System with Dislocation Prevention, Motor Control and Proprioception Training for Total Hip Replacement Patients

Chi-Feng Shiu

Development of Power Assisted Above Knee Prosthesis with Proprioception Compensation and Coordinated Control

Chien-Lin Wang

Development and Assessment of Visual and Auditory Feedback Human Respiration Function Training System

Meng-Yu Wu

Construction of a Cardiovascualr Simulator with Circle of Willis for Experimental Cerebral Blood Flow Analysis under Selective Antegrade Cerebral Perfusion

Yu-Chen Lai

Development and Verification of Body SwingPower Generator with Energy Storageand Rechargeable/Dischargeable Circuit Design

Po-Chun Chia

Applying Biped Humanoid Robot Technologies to Fall Down Scenario Designs and Detections for Human

Jun-Xian Lu

Development of Portable Vital Sign Monitoring and Telemedicine System used in Transferring Vehicles



 Un-Hon Pan

Development and clinical assessment of a new bionic orthosis with functional electrical stimulation for shoulder subluxation

 Chi-Hung Hsieh

Development and clinical test of computer aided counting sperm and detecting dynamic trace

Ming-Feng Tang

Design and prototype development of a myo-electrical stimulation above-knee bionic prosthetics with air-pressure controlled socket

Si-Wen Liu

Development and clinical assessment of laser sintering

Zhi-Hong Tang

Development of Tissue Scaffold UsingLaster Sintering and Evaluation of Hydrogel Coating In Vitro Stand of Chondrocytes

Sheng-Yu Tsai

Development of FPGA Autonomous Navigation  Controller of Vacuum Cleaner

Cheng-Wei Tung

Trajectory Planning and Control of Bionic Parallel Link Based Joint Mechanism

Yu-Feng Wei

Development of Embedded system with Biped Humanoid Robot



Chih-Feng Lin


Development and Clinical Applications of Human Body Center of Mass Stability Evaluation System

Yun-Chung Kao

Development and Clinical Assessment of a Pneumatic Bionic Orthosis for Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Kai-Ming Pan

Manufacturing and Testing of Porous Scaffold Using Selective Laser Sintering Technique

 Shih-Chieh Chiang

Development and tests of mobile health monitoring system for home care

 Jia-Wun Siao

Development of Sensor Fusion Based Intelligent Manipulation Assisted Powered Wheelchair

Kuo-Wei Chiu

Innovative Walking Platform Design for Biped Humanoid Robots



Guan-Yu Jiang

Development and Application of Rapid Prototyping Technologies for Osteochondral and Bone Tissue Scaffold

Jiun-Jie Lin

Development and Clinical Applications of a Visual/Audio Biofeedback Proprioception Training System and a Passive Hip Dislocation Prevention Brace

Chang-Zen Lo

Development and Clinical Assessment of a Heart Rate Biofeedback Closed-loop Exercise Intensity Control Rehabilitation Treadmill



Chen-Ya Wang

Development and Biomedical Application of Microfluidic Biochip Fabrication Technology with Centrifugal Force Actuation and Thermal Control Mechanism

Hung-Zhi Chen

Development and Evaluation of an Integrated Upper Extremity Joint Traction and Continuous Passive Motion Rehabilitation Robotic Arm

Yung-Yu Lu

Development and Evaluation of Interactive RFID Assisted Barrier-free Shopping Scooter with Sit-to-stand and Sit-to-recline Functions

Hsien-Tung Huang

Development of a 3D Surgical Navigation Guider Using X-ray Images For Dental Implantation

Jung-Jie Chang

Development and Clinical Application of a Computer Aided Psoriasis Area and Severity Assessment and Skin Phototherapy Integration System

Chen-Wen Lin

Design and Clnical Assessment of a Positioning System for Interlocking Nail Screws and a Postsurgery Power-assisted Motor Control Rehabilitation System

Wei-Xun Lee

Development of Laser Sintering Rapid Prototyping System and Application in Tissue Engineering Scaffold

Zung-Wei Chang

Development and biomedical application of automatic cell culture system with micro gravity

Liang-Xuan Su

Development and Applications of a Ultra-violet Lithography Variable Focal Length Rapid Prototyping Fabrication for Micro-structure Components

Wen-Yu Fang

Development and Assessment of Automatic Fracture Table for Fracture Reduction of Low Extremity



Kok-Soon Soon

Development and Clinical Application of Foot Pressure Biofeedback Sensory Compensation and Motor Control Rehabilitation System for the Lower Extremity Amputee

Chih-Chien Chaung

Development and Clinical Application of Joint Angle Biofeedback Motor Control Rehabilitation System for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Chia-Che Yang

Development and Clinical Application of a Quantitative Upper Extremity Motor Control Evaluation System

Chih-Ching Lee

Development of Active and passive Lower Limb Motor Control Rehabilitation Modality with Partial Weight Bearing and Barrier-free Environmental Adapted Modules

Hung-Chia Lin

Development and Medical Diagnostics of a Non-continuous Microfluidic Opto-wetting Droplet Manipulation Technology

Hsuan-Jen Wang

Development and Clinical Application of a Telecontrol Intelligent Multi-functional Biofeedback Treadmill

Chia-Yi Tsai

Development and Clinical Application of a Protable Automatic Image Detection System for Psoriasis

I-Shen Lin

Development of a Second Generation Micro-Generator and a Transformable Driver Seat / Wheelchair Automatic Lifting System



Shin-Min Hung

Development and Clinical Assessment of a Wireless Foot Pressure Biofeedback Functional Electrical Stimulation Device for Lower Extremity Motor Control Rehabilitation

Wen-Ta Tsai

The Biomechanical Stability Analysis and In Vitro Experiment of Various Screw Rigid Intraoral Fixation for Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy of Mandibular Prognathism, Measuring Fixator Design for Long Bone Corrective Osteotomy

Shang-Xian Mao

Development of Non-Invasive Functional Medical Image Inspection System for Human Physiological Body Information

Cheng-Shing Tin

Innovation Design & Development of Wheelchair Lifting Device & Portable Human Power Generator



Chung-Ta Chen

Clinical Assessment of Dynamic Plantar Pressure Monitoring System and Development of Ambulatory Training Modalities for Lower Limb Motor Control Impaired Patients

 Chao-Xiong Wang

Development of OHT Control System for a 300 mm Fab



 Chin-Hsiung Hsu

Applications of Computer Assisted Preoperative Planning, Innovative Osteotomy Instrument and Auditory Feedback Positioning Technique in Orthopedic Surgeries

Pai-Yang Lin

Development and Clinical Evaluation of Dynamic Foot Pressure Biofeedback Motor Learning and Functional Electrical Stimulation Ambulatory Training System

Hsin-Chin Chen

Clinical Assessment of Hand Writing , Shoulder/Elbow Motor Control Function for Upper Motor Neuron Dysfunction Patients and Development of a Rehabilitation Robotic Arm for Upper Extremity Motor Learning

Hsu-Lung Huang

Development of Intelligent Agent-Based Autonomous Robotic Wheelchair System



Chau-Chiun Lin

Applications of Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping Technologies in Biomedical Studies

Shi-Hong Chen

Development of the Wheelchair Vehicle Lifting Device and Design of the Medical Mechatronics Control System 



Chi-Chao Chen

Ambulation Dynamic Postural Stability Assessment, System Identification and Design of a lying-Sitting-Standing Anti-gravity Adaptation Rehabilitation Training Modality

Chih-Zen Chang

Development of the Human Hand Motor Control Assessment and Continuous Passive Motion Rehabilitation Training System



Young-Chang Lien

The Development of an Environmental Adaptive Ambulation and Balance Rehabilitation System Using Virtual Reality Technologies

Bing-Jang Huang

Quantitative Assessment, System Identification of the Human Balance Control Response and Development of the Portable Dynamic Plantar Pressure Measurement System